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Own Label Beers

Here we have a selection of imported beers from around the world available for own label purposes.

These beers are ideal for Product Launches, Promotional Giveaways, Sponsored Events or even Staff Barbecues and Parties.

The Beer Range

Alhambra from Andalusia, Spain:

Premium - 330ml - 4.6%vol:- A classic Andalusian lager, blonde in colour, with an aromatic appealing nose and palate with herbal and lemon characteristics.

Especial - 330ml - 5.4%vol:- A Specialist Pilsner, golden colour with a smooth, crisp and full, rich texture and a little honeyed malt on the palate.

Okell's IPA from the Isle of Man, UK:

Okell's IPA - 330ml - 4.5%vol:- A light coloured beer with a surprising full bodied taste.

Quilmes from Buenos Aries, Argentina:

Quilmes - 4.9%vol- 355ml:-A classic lager synonymous with its Argentinean heritage. Golden colour with a rich texture and a light refreshing hoppy taste and crisp dry finish.

Krombacher Pils from Westfalia, Germany:

Krombacher Pils - 330ml - 4.8%vol:- A wonderful balance of hops and malt with a distinct crispness on the finish makes this Pils Germany's best selling pilsener.

Alhambra Beer Okells IPA Krombacher Pils Quilmes Beer

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